Without knowing all the options, electing the right care service for your loved one can be an overwhelming experience for you and your family. You want what is best for them, their health, and comfort. It is important to gather all the facts about your options to make an informed decision. There are many advantages to having your loved one receive assistance within their own home; here are just a few.

Comfort and convenience are details that should be heavily considered. Aging in place is a good way to ensure your loved one is comfortable. It is also convenient for family members or home health services to take care of them because they are familiar with the home. The mixture of familiarity and routine minimizes their anxiety to health changes. Oftentimes, changing the surroundings to what your loved one is used to can affect their health and activity.

Every elder is at a different level of independence, but if their health hasn’t impacted their ability to receive home care assistance, advocate for it. Keeping their independence and dignity intact is a large advantage to home health assistance. Help your loved one maintain independence and dignity by keeping them in a familiar environment where they can still do some things for themselves and not rely fully on staff to take care of them.

Home health assistance services provide the balance of freedom and supervision. Your aging loved one will have as much or as little independence as they desire. They can still wake themselves up and cook, if they feel, but may need errand or hygiene assistance. It is beneficial to find a personalized plan for your loved one through the care agency. Plan to encourage your elder to perform as much as they can independently and have assistance on what they can no longer perform.

Attentive care and companionship is often an overlooked advantage of home health care. If a family member is unable to live with, or stop by often, attentive care and companionship are important for the physical and mental health of your loved one. They need social interaction and encouragement just as much, if not more, than before.

Ultimately, less change and more affordability are the assets that make home health care worth considering. In-home care is, in most cases, more affordable than nursing home care. It is also less stressful on the patient, due to the minimal change that it involves.