We all have at least one elderly loved one who is having a tougher time getting things done. As such, services such as senior errand assistance prove to be important in making sure things get done when they should.

Making the decision to request any service can be a tough because it can be interpreted by a senior relative as a babysitting service. Other family members may be resistant because they feel that the family should be able to take care of things themselves.

It’s important to remember one particular thing — the quality of life for your relative. Is the increased difficulty in performing a task affecting them both physically & mentally? How has this impacted their independence? Family members also need to consider how a desire to be “in charge” is affecting their own lives, especially if they have children & work full-time.

Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

Defining The Type of Care

Make a list of where the most help is needed, as well as where it might be nice to have. A good care provider will be able to help the family put together a plan that best fits the needs of your loved one, both now & down the line.

Inclusion of  A Loved One

No service can be considered without including the input of your elderly loved one. There are some exceptions to this based on capacity & state of mind, but they need to be a part of their care as much as possible.


Great errand assistance involves important details like scheduling. Details may include when a relative needs a ride to doctor’s appointment or if there are family members sharing duties & need to coordinate with the care provider.

Role of the Family

Not only is the family important in bringing in errand assistance, but their continued input & involvement throughout the process is crucial to making this transition as easy as possible.

Qualifications of Staff

All care services offering senior errand assistance need to meet qualifications, both professionally & those of the family. Be sure to ask about them when sorting out prospective providers.

Other Services Offered

Errand assistance may be top of mind, but it’s worth asking about other helpful services the provider & his/her agency offers. Because you’ve already established a relationship, including other services may be quite easy.

Input on Transition

A good care provider will be able to provide the family input on where their senior loved is & whether it may be time to start thinking about more significant care beyond errand assistance. An impartial but knowledgeable perspective can be quite welcome in the face of such a tough situation.

The Business Side

It bears noting that senior errand assistance is a lucrative business. This makes it susceptible to bad agents being in the mix for the wrong reasons. Do your homework when searching for the best care provider.

Making a decision on senior errand assistance is no easy call to make. It will involve major discussions between family members that can all too often lead to occasional disagreements. The key thing to remember is that senior errand assistance, as well as any service targeted to an aging loved one, is done for their benefit. You want their quality of life to be its best. Knowing when to get some additional help from professionals is a step in the right direction.

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