Have you ever seen anyone having issues with remembering things? Have you noticed a change in personality, memory loss, or spatial disorientation in people, especially elderly ones? If you do, they may have Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is a disease that is not caused by old age, but it is common in older people.

The disease also causes the brain cells to die and waste away, resulting in social and behavioral changes. Since there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, it can only be managed and consequently reduced.

To effectively manage patients or elderly persons who have Alzheimer’s, there is a need for in-home care and senior care.

This article focuses on engaging activities that can be done with relatives who have Alzheimer’s and the benefits that in-home care and senior care brings to them.

1) Folding Towels:

One of the funny yet exciting activities an older adult can take part in, especially in-home care, is the folding of towels. The aim of this activity to make them happy and feel engaged. In instances like this, it is better to use smaller towels to be well folded.

No matter how well the towels are folded, the important thing is that your elderly ones are engaged and happy.

2) Keeping a memory Box:

Keeping a memory box might be one of the most engaging activities in senior care as it helps reconnect them to their past lives, careers, and moments that they have gone through. There is nothing quite like reconnecting with old times and relishing them, thus feeling alive again. A memory box is maintained by keeping old photos, file folders, pencils, notepads, and objects from previous hobbies.

3) Untying knots:

This activity aims to keep them engaged and feel alive again. A thick and moderately lengthy rope can be used for this. Loosely tie a rope and ask your older adult to help untie the rope.

4) A thread pasta and a string:

Senior care requires a lot of creativity as you need to engage older adults in activities that interest them and make them happy. You can get a pasta with big holes and make a needle by taping around the edge of the string. Thus replicating a “needle” and thread situation.

5) A box of colorful fabrics:

This should be fun for older adults who love fashion and garments. They can fold the colorful pieces of fabrics, sew them( if they can) and feel them. To do this, get varieties of colors and texture of materials.

6) A personal picture puzzle:

You can do this by printing a copy of the patient’s favorite picture and laminate it. The laminated image is then cut into pieces for the older patient to piece together.

7) Cutting Pictures from magazines:

Older persons enjoy going through magazines and cutting through them as this represents their past interests and hobbies. This is an activity that could be considered for senior care and in-home care as well.

8) Puzzle cube:

A puzzle cube is quite to the Rubik cubes. However, it is a lot simpler and more fun to keep older adults engaged and happy.

9) Playing with Cards:

Older adults who have Alzheimer’s or dementia have been known to love playing cards, sorting out the letters, colors, and shuffling them. Playing with cards can be a fantastic way to care for your loved ones suffering from the disease.

10) Going fishing or for a walk:

One of the best ways to manage Alzheimer patients is to plan a routine for them. Activities like going outside for a walk, fishing, driving, and going to the park are activities that older adults look forward to, helps them feel alive and engaged.

Alzheimer’s is often seen as a result of old age; however, this is not true. The consequence of Alzheimer’s, dementia, can take a toll on the patients and those around him, especially his relatives.

However, it is not the end of the world for you or your loved ones. They can lead to a healthy, productive, and everyday life. Indeed, a lot of conscious efforts will be required. However, with love, care, the right medication, and these outlined activities, I am confident your older adults or loved ones will lead an active and engaging life.