Mental disabilities affect a person’s independence tremendously. They may require assistance with cooking, transportation, and the development of social skills. The two most common intellectual or developmental disabilities are Down Syndrome and Autism, but traumatic brain injury can also cause a person to be mentally disabled. Often times family members care for their disabled loved one, but that can become difficult.

Being a caregiver can be very stressful. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed is natural. Caregivers may be needed for bathing, dressing, feeding, driving, shopping, running errands, administering medication, providing emotional support, or simply companionship. If a disabled adult lives with their parents, the parents may reach an age when they can no longer take care of them, requiring them to reach out for assistance.

With our experienced and licensed team, you will always know exactly what services are being provided for your loved one. From the beginning, we set up an in-home consultation to meet the close family, friends or caretakers, as well as the client in need of our services. This allows us to create a personal relationship with the client and those close to them, and provide an accurate analysis of their situation. In addition, this is a good time for us to answer any of your questions, get to know you on a personal level and see how best we can help.

Following our initial meeting, a custom care plan is created for your loved one’s specific needs. We will make recommendations for services possibly required that we do not provide. We will carry out follow-up meetings to ensure your loved one’s needs are being met and modify the current plan as you and the patient see fit.

You can count on us to provide you with the professional assistance you can trust. Our caregivers are trained and expected to provide excellent care with kindness and compassion.