Do you perform background checks on your staff?
Yes, we do background checks, check the nurse aide registry board of TX and the office of the Inspector General (to prevent fraud) every 6 months.
Do you drug test your staff?
Yes, we drug test at the time of hire and perform random drug tests.
How does billing work?
After the 2-hour minimum requirement is met, you will be charged by the minute. We bill monthly unless 24/7 care is needed.
How do I make a payment?
We accept ACH bank transfers, checks, or credit cards. You can pay with a credit card through our online billing system or send us a check by mail. We can accommodate automatic billing if needed.
Are your services covered by Medicare or Medicaid?
Services such as ours are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid, but many long-term care insurance policies or veterans benefits will cover partial or even 100% of our services.