The elderly are more at risk for complicated secondary illnesses due to the coronavirus. Those who have pre-existing conditions, especially those who have immunocompromised illnesses, are the most vulnerable. Most of the elderly community live at home and are cared for by their families. For this reason, we have created tips on how to protect your elderly loved one during this coronavirus outbreak.
Follow the CDC’s Guidelines for Social Distancing
The CDC advises that, “The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus.” Eliminate the possibility of your loved one being exposed by caring for yourself too. Urge them to not leave their home to public places during social distancing. If you are caring for your loved one and will be in contact with them, be sure you have taken the recommended precautions outside of their home as well.

  1. Limit Contact to One Person
    • If there are activities of daily living your loved one cannot perform or needs assistance with, designate one person from the family to assist them. Try to limit what was normally rotated through several family members to one person. This will prevent abundant exposure and keep your loved one safe. If there is no one local that can assist or if you need help with these duties, consider hiring a private care service that can check in on them and assist, like The Help.
  2. Clean Household Surfaces
    • Frequently clean household surfaces, doorknobs, and other high-use objects with EPA-registered household disinfectants. Minimize the possibility of the virus spreading through thorough cleaning.
      Postpone Non-essential Doctor and Dental Visits
      Going to well check appointments does not outweigh the risk your elderly loved one would be placed in by going out in public. Though medical offices are taking great precautions, most of the current patient base have an illness that needs to be checked. Keep your elder from being exposed by postponing appointments.
  3. Enjoy the Outdoors
    • Just because we are called to social distance ourselves, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the outdoors. Encourage your loved one to soak up the sun and fresh air in the comfort of their backyard.
  4. Virtually Stay In Touch
    • Social distancing can be tough on your loved one if they were previously visited frequently. Set up an easy-to-use device where they can video chat with family. Call them frequently and encourage them to stay strong. It is a great source to lift up their spirits during this isolated season.

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