We are a licensed Personal Assistance Service that provides individualized service plans in collaboration with the patient and their family. We specialize in Alzheimer’s care and offer services such as consistent daily care, behavior monitoring, reliable communication practices, communication with family, medication reminders, and strength building exercises.

Safety should be the number one concern of your elderly loved one, following their health. There are ways that seniors can live more safely at home alone. From avoiding falls, to organizing prescriptions, we hope these tips give seniors and their families a better sense of security.

Every 11 seconds, an older adult visits the Emergency Department for a fall-related injury. A fall has the ability to impair movement and begin a downward spiral of their health, so prevention is key. Avoid putting things on top shelves where they may need to stand on something to reach it, potentially causing a fall. Declutter and organize the house. Move furniture and close closet doors to prevent possible tripping hazards. Be sure to replace any dull light bulbs to ensure the house is well-lit so they can see what they are looking for easier.

You may not always be around to make sure your loved one takes their medication. Make it easy for them to remember by setting an alarm, or by leaving notes to remind them. Organize their medicine in a weekly or daily pill holder with any special instructions written out clearly and in large font.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced caregivers, contact us at 817-773-5818.