It seems like it was just yesterday, when technology was popular among just the youth. Now, the advancements in technology have allowed the masses to benefit from it. Hence, be it a toddler, teenager, millennium, or older adults, there is something for everyone. To be more precise, there is something for everyone to make life easier. 

The working population often complains about being worried about the parent’s side who are in assisted living. Well, no more, technology is here to assist you. Here, we are going to mention 10 most popular health-related wearable technology for older people that will be of great benefit. Moreover, it will leave you satisfied and peaceful too.

  1. Apple Watch Series 6

As chic and sleek it looks on the generation Z, apple watches have proven to be the most significant fitness tracker gadgets. The best bit about it is that Apple is a trusted brand, so even if you are paying higher bucks than other smart fitness track watches, you know you are getting something good in return.

This series 6 is a health monitor right on your wrist. Furthermore, it helps in informing you various health-related problems. The features mainly targeting the seniors are as follows.

  • Helps in monitoring the blood’s oxygen with the pulse oximetry in just 15 seconds
  • Ability to record heart rate
  • Tracks your ECG

The indications such as blood oxygen can act as an indicator for any respiratory problem caused. Moreover, the ECG can also be conducted on your wrist, informing your heart rate within a matter of seconds with just a one-touch.

Apple watches continue to cater to young and elderly people but, most importantly, keep connected. Yes, with family setup aid, you can obtain peace of mind knowing that your old parents are a call away. Want to know the best feature? The watch supports most of the functions without the phone nearby. So, if you doubt that your parents might not pick your call, you will be contented knowing at least the wristwatch can help you keep a check on them.

Another admiring feature of this apple watch is that it detects your fall too. Hence, any older person falls off; a prompt swipe option allows them to inform emergency contacts. This will enable you to notice that they are safe at all times.

There is no doubt that apple always has something great to offer, and the features are worth every penny.

  1. Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron is a health care brand that comes up with unique health-related wearables to keep the blood pressure, respiration, and heart-related issues in check. Such of the product is 10 series wireless monitor. It is one of the most understandable products from the entire Omron’s blood pressure monitoring range. It is a 2-piece product that comes with the BP monitor supported by Bluetooth. The best feature of this product is that it allows the elderly to analyze and monitor their blood pressure anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, it allows them to share it with doctors or their children.

This wearable allows the monitor to get connected with a free along with unlimited users.

  1. Motiv Ring

You must have heard and seen the fitness trackers in the form of wrist bands and watches. Whereas, this is a ring something attractive, smart, yet comprehensive. Some of the prominent features of this fitness ring are

  • Calories burned
  • Active and resting heart rate
  • Activity type
  • Sleep

This fashionable ring is not only attention-grabbing but also gives a 360 angle of the health. Most important, it keeps you aware of your heart health that contributes to an improved and healthier life. The inner-circle sharing feature allows it to connect to your parents and keep track of their health. The ring is attached to the app, which is supported by both android and IOS.

  1. Freedom Guardian

This watch is specifically designed while keeping the older people in mind. It is perfect for the children to keep track of their senior people who are under assisted living. This watch allows you to be peaceful from their side and be worry-free as the fitness watch will inform the loved ones about the health.

The watch’s most convenient feature is that the icon is big enough to be seen by older people, and text-to-speech messaging eliminates the need to type a message. Also, it allows the loved to track the location of the one wearing the watch.

This fitness tracking watch can be a great gift to your elder ones as it will be a great reminder to them of a lot of health-related things.

  1. Emergency Watch

This is yet another fitness tracking smartwatch. This watch uses medical-grade sensors to alert emergency. The watch allows 24/7monitoring of heart condition, and in case of any emergency, the closed ones are informed. This is ideal for your parents if the assisted living as it keeps you connected.

The 3G/LTE built-in cellular doesn’t require the need to connect the phone with the watch. In addition to the monitoring of heart health, this watch informs you much more. Such as,

  • Blood oxygenation
  • Pulse rate
  • Detection of motion and activity
  • Perfusion
  1. Dosmarter Fitness Watch 1.3

This watch is perfect for elderly people. The most significant thing about this watch is that it offers more features than competitive watches, which is very affordable.

The watch tracks heart rate, blood pressure, steps taken, calories consumed, and other movements’ record. In other words, this is the perfect fitness tracking watch. This multi-functional watch allows you to stay fit and healthy by keeping track of your overall health.

Also, this acts as an ideal watch of the older people involved in any kind of exercise. Due to old age, they might feel any problems with doing exercise. But not to worry, since the watch monitors and identifies the problem and gives the solution accordingly.

  1. Withings BPM core

This upper arm blood pressure monitor facilitates the older adults to monitor their blood pressure at home instead of visiting doctors now and then. The monitor can be attached to a smartphone, which allows the data to be shared with doctors and family.

Also, it is a perfect choice for those senior people who have hypertension problems. This monitor allows us to keeps track and pattern of the daily readings. So that you can monitor the repetitive pattern, and in case of a problem, you can consult the doctor.

The screen readings are shown along with colors, which will instantly convey whether the blood pressure is normal or high.

  1. NeckRelax

People in old age are often subject to chronic disease, and one of them is arthritis. Arthritis is common in various body parts. One of the affected body parts is the neck. Hence, NeckRelax is the solution for those people. It has the power of EPM (electronic pulse massage) that relaxes and releases the neck tension. Most senior people cannot move, and the muscles’ inactivity can cause soreness, stress, and tiredness in the back, shoulder, and neck. This wearable comes handy yet sufficient for the sole purpose of relieving pain and causing ease to the people.

In assisted living, there are high chances that your old parents might not get the individual level of care, there this hand-free neck massager comes to benefit.

  1. Kailo

Kailo has come up with the unique idea of pain-relieving patching. These patches are non-invasive and suitable for people with arthritis. Senior people are already taking a lot of other medications. This can be one option to eliminate extra painkillers yet yield effective results.

These patches stimulate nerves and release the arthritis pain. The most prominent feature of these patches is that they aren’t confined to a specific area. You can place it anywhere you feel the pain and enable the natural pain control process.

  1. 10.Fitbit versa 3 health and fitness smartwatch

This is the last recommended wearable technology for the elderly people, but not the least. Fitbit is a famous brand known for its fitness watches, so it is this one. It tracks health-related problems like heart rate. This gadget’s essential feature is that you can customize it as per age and hence recommends the activity accordingly.

In A Nutshell

These wearables and fitness trackers have proven to be very effective and ideal to check senior people’s health. Modern problems require modern solutions and these gadgets are very compatible. These popular technology wearables aren’t only restricted to fitness alone; they offer more than that. Most importantly, they improve the overall health of the senior people. It also allows the peace of mind to children of the old people who are occupied with their lives and work and worry about their parents.

This once-in-a-lifetime investment can help you stay connected, offer personalized help and proactive care, and lastly, allows the older adults to enjoy a sense of independence.

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