If you’ve ever spent time with an elderly loved one, you’ll know how much of your time can be spent helping with things around the house they couldn’t get to as easily. You jump into action, handling things both large & small, making sure to let your relative know that you like helping & making sure they’re all set.

The thing is you can’t be there everyday. As such, senior errand help might be a next logical step. As we get older, we slow down a little. Our strength isn’t what it used to be. Even when routines are in place, an elderly person can find it tough to keep up. It’s not for a lack of trying & determination, though.

Starting The Process

Herein lies the toughest part of bringing in a helping hand. We all get stuck in our ways, thinking we can do it all at any age. Asking for help can feel like admitting weakness, and that can takes a toll on a person. You want your senior relative to know that having someone help out is just another set of hands to keep routines in check.

Families can also feel that senior errand help is an indictment of their inability to care for a matriarch/patriarch of the family. Simply put, it’s not. You’re goal is to make sure you do all you can to keep your elder loved one safe & secure. Acknowledging the need to get some errand assistance in for your relative when you can’t provide it is a sign your heart & head are in the right place.

With all of this being new, though, you’ll likely have questions, biggest of which will be what you can expect from a senior errand help agency. Things to ask about include:

Reliable Transportation

Considering that much of the assistance a caregiver may provide is transportation based, being able to get around without fear of a mechanical breakdown is a big deal. Being in legal standing with registration & insurance is also a top priority.

Customizable Care

Quality senior errand help should always be customized for every client. What someone needs help with will vary from person to person, so you want an agency capable of providing this kind of flexibility. Aside from general errand assistance, it’s always good to ask what other levels of care are available should they be needed in the future. This way, a transition may be less jarring for your loved one.


You want to work with a caregiving agency that knows what they’re doing. Look for years of experience, the kind of medical background everyone at the agency has, and any kind of continued education & training offered. Look up reviews online & ask agencies to help clarify any negative feedback, as well as provide any testimonials & referrals you can follow-up on.

Importance of Those Being Cared For

While it may seem obvious, any senior assistance agency you contact should keep your loved one as the primary focus. Their success in providing stellar care is only made possible when they work as a team with EVERYONE in the family, especially your senior relative.

Finding The Right Choice

Senior errand help in Granbury, or anywhere else for that matter, isn’t something to be entered into lightly. Families are making a decision to have someone work with an older loved one when they can’t. The utmost attention to detail is critical to get the right caregiver in place, which is why it will be important to ask as many questions as you can of the agencies you’re considering. Most importantly, don’t forget to include your senior relative in the process — their opinion matters, too.

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