We all have elderly family members we love & cherish, and there’s nothing that we wouldn’t do for them. This devotion becomes critical when it becomes apparent that they need more help with everyday activities. A senior caregiver, in Granbury or elsewhere, takes on the role of looking after an elderly individual in a way that is unique to the person in their care. They do so especially when the elderly individual’s family isn’t able to provide the care necessary to maintain a good quality of life.

But these changes can make for a rough transition for all involved. Your elderly relative isn’t quite ready to accept their limitations. You & other family members feel as though you should be able to become caregivers but can’t. And now, there’s a stranger, albeit a kind & helpful one, coming into a person’s home to lend a hand where there was once no need for it.

All of this amounts to one thing — whomever you hire as a caregiver needs to be a rock star. The process starts with the following: 

Define ‘Care’

Not every senior needs the same kind of assistance. Some individuals have more pronounced difficulties physically getting around whereas others may need a little assistance with day-to-day chores. You can’t hire the right caregiver without first defining what kind of care your relative needs.

Understand Needs & Wants

Senior caregiving services are often shaped by what we see on TV & in movies. Turns out that there are some big differences. Aside from breaking down your relative’s needs, have the family detail what they “want” from a caregiver. Having more realistic expectations may help lessen unease with the situation.

Requesting Certification Info & Experience

Families need to know that they’re hiring a caregiver who has the right credentials to provide care in the first place. A kind face & servant’s heart are no replacement for a skilled care provider, especially for your loved one.

Employee Background Checks

Hiring the right caregiving service agency means finding out ‘their’ employee hiring process. Do they check with the state’s nurse aide registry board and office of the inspector general? Families always to be sure drug testing takes place at the time of hire & periodically during employment.


Final Thoughts

For all of the work that goes into hiring a senior caregiver in Granbury, Weatherford, or anywhere else for that matter, there’s one thing to always remember — everyone needs to be on the same page. This includes family members, the caregiving team, and, most importantly, the senior who will be looked after.

Far too often, one cog in the system is out of the loop, which can create unnecessary tension. What’s more, decisions often get made about the senior family member without his/her input, cultivating distrust. Getting help for an elderly family member is a tough decision to make, but there’s no need to make it tougher because of poor communication. 

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